Meeting attendance

Wednesday, 2nd November, 2022 6.15 pm, SWT Corporate Scrutiny Committee

Venue:   The Deane House

Contact:    Sam Murrell, Email:

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance
Sam Murrell Secretary Present
Amy Tregellas Secretary Present
Councillor Sue Buller Chair Apologies, sent representative
Councillor Ian Aldridge Committee Member Present
Councillor Norman Cavill Committee Member Present
Councillor Simon Coles Committee Member Present
Councillor Habib Farbahi Committee Member Present
Councillor Ed Firmin Committee Member Present
Councillor John Hassall Committee Member Present
Councillor Nicole Hawkins Committee Member Present
Councillor Marcus Kravis Committee Member Absent
Councillor Libby Lisgo Committee Member Apologies, sent representative
Councillor Janet Lloyd Committee Member Present as substitute Substituted for Cllr Sue Buller
Councillor Simon Nicholls Committee Member Apologies
Councillor Nicholas Thwaites Vice-Chair, in the Chair Present
Councillor Danny Wedderkopp Committee Member Absent
Councillor Brenda Weston Committee Member Present as substitute Substitute for Cllr Libby Lisgo
Councillor Loretta Whetlor Committee Member Present
Councillor Gwilym Wren Committee Member Apologies Attended first part of the meeting via zoom.
Paul Fitzgerald Officer Present
Councillor Mike Rigby Guest Present
Councillor Sarah Wakefield Guest In attendance Attended to give a brief update via zoom.
Councillor David Mansell Committee Member In attendance Attended via zoom
Councillor Vivienne Stock-Williams Committee Member In attendance Joined via zoom
Chris Hall Officer Present
Alison Blom-Cooper Officer Present
Graeme Thompson Officer Present
Kate Murdoch Officer Present
Jenny Clifford Officer Present
Lisa Tuck Officer Present
Joe Wharton Officer Present
Tim Bacon Officer Present
Alison North Officer In attendance Joined via zoom to assist with LGR update