Meeting attendance

Wednesday, 9th February, 2022 6.15 pm, SWT Executive

Venue:   The Deane House

Contact:    Clare Rendell Email:

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance
Councillor Federica Smith-Roberts Chair Apologies
Councillor Derek Perry Vice-Chair, in the Chair Present
Councillor Christopher Booth Committee Member Present
Councillor Dixie Darch Committee Member Present
Councillor Caroline Ellis Committee Member Present
Councillor Ross Henley Committee Member Present
Councillor Marcus Kravis Committee Member Present
Councillor Mike Rigby Committee Member Present
Councillor Francesca Smith Committee Member Apologies
Councillor Andrew Sully Committee Member Present
Lesley Dolan Officer Expected
James Barrah Officer In attendance
Chris Hall Officer In attendance
Alison North Officer In attendance
Andrew Pritchard Officer In attendance
Paul Fitzgerald Officer In attendance
Emily Collacott Officer In attendance
Marcus Prouse Officer Expected
Amy Tregellas Officer Expected
Clare Rendell Officer In attendance
Kevin Williams Officer Expected
Councillor Norman Cavill Guest In attendance
Councillor Roger Habgood Guest In attendance
Councillor John Hassall Guest In attendance
Councillor Dawn Johnson Guest In attendance
Councillor Libby Lisgo Guest In attendance
Councillor Vivienne Stock-Williams Guest In attendance
Councillor Loretta Whetlor Guest In attendance
Councillor Gwilym Wren Guest In attendance