Committee details

SWT Audit, Governance and Standards Committee

Purpose of committee

The Audit, Governance and Standards Committee is made up of 11 councillors plus two parish/town councillors and two independent representatives. It is responsible for governance, standards and audit and for ensuring probity, propriety and ethics in the organisation.

Audit: among its duties the committee agrees internal and external audit plans; reviews and approves the annual Statement of Accounts; considers any matters referred by the Section 151 officer.

Governance: duties include overseeing risk management; makes recommendations on major changes to the Constitution; checks the council complies with its own and other standards; monitors and audits the council’s equalities and diversity policies.

Standards: the committee promotes and maintains high standards of conduct by councillors and co-opted members; helps councillors keep to the Code of Conduct; is responsible for the assessment and possible investigation of complaints about district and parish/town councillors, considers matters referred by the Monitoring Officer. The committee’s role and functions are set out in the Terms of Reference in the Constitution.


Contact information

Support officer: Andrew Randell Email: