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Taunton Shadow Town Council

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Terms of Reference


A cross party, non-decision-making advisory body which will lead and oversee the work to establish on 1st April 2023 (Vesting Day) the new Taunton Parish/Town Council.


Somerset County Council (SCC) ordered the creation of a new town council for Taunton following Somerset West and Taunton Council’s (SWT) approval of recommendations made by SWT’s cross-party Community Governance Review Working Group (now defunct).


This included a recommendation:


That a Shadow Taunton Town Council be established with effect from 14 October 2022 and with membership as set out at section 13.6 of this report, to lead and oversee the work to establish on 1 April 2023 the new Taunton Parish/Town Council.


Responsibility for implementation of the reorganisation before Vesting Day sits with Somerset County Council by virtue of article 7 of the Local Government (Structural Changes) (Transitional Arrangements) Regulations 2008 and has been delegated to the Chief Executive and the Monitoring Officer of that council.


Decisions in relation to implementation will be taken by officers in accordance with the council’s scheme of delegation. On Vesting Day the Town Council will be established as an autonomous legal entity and responsibility for the continued implementation of the reorganisation will fall to it.




The Shadow Town Council will act as an advisory body to the officers and others working on the implementation programme with any formal decisions required then being made under existing officer or member delegations.


In particular, the Shadow Town Council will:


 · Meet on a regular basis to provide advice and recommendations to Somerset County Council on the implementation of the reorganisation order and the arrangements to be put in place for the vesting of the new town council.

· Advise and make recommendations to officers, technical advisors, and town clerk (when appointed) on the development of the various draft policies, procedures, and services that will need to be in place prior to or as soon as possible after the new council is established.

 · Monitor and advise officers on the programme of work required to establish the new council.