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Shadow Authority


The Structural Change Order relating to the creation of Somerset West and Taunton Council is now in the parliamentary process. Once the Order has received formal parliamentary approval, Shadow Authority arrangements will start almost immediately. 


Shadow Arrangements are designed to ensure that members safely manage the transition from two councils into one. A primary task of the Shadow Executive is to monitor the delivery of an Implementation Plan. The Implementation Team (Officers working to stand up the new council) intend to ensure that a legal, safe and functioning authority is stood up in April 2019. The Implementation Plan will inevitably encompass much of the work currently being undertaken by the Transformation Programme. Meetings of the Shadow Council and Executive will be formal and public meetings.


The Shadow Council consists of all 84 Members of both existing councils – and will be an entity in its own right. The Shadow Authority – is required to have a Head of Paid Service, s151 Finance Officer and a Monitoring Officer.