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Firepool Design Guidance and Masterplan

Meeting: 16/11/2022 - SWT Executive (Item 146)

146 Firepool Design Guidance and Masterplan pdf icon PDF 560 KB

This matter is the responsibility of Executive Councillor for Planning and Transportation, Councillor Mike Rigby.

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During the discussion, the following points were raised:-

·       Councillors were pleased to see the report come forward for consultation.

·       Councillors hoped that the work would start soon, as it had been in the pipelines for years.

The Principal Planning Policy Officer advised that after the consultation had closed, it would go to Full Council for approval. 

·       Councillors praised the Project and that it was a good legacy for the Council to leave for the residents and visitors of Taunton.

·       Councillors were pleased to see public artwork included alongside the Project.

·       Councillors were keen to see the Project signed off prior to vesting day.

·       Councillors thanked the officers for all their hard work.


Resolved that the Executive approved the Draft Firepool Masterplan and associated supporting evidence documents for public consultation.

Meeting: 02/11/2022 - SWT Corporate Scrutiny Committee (Item 58)

58 Firepool Design Guidance and Masterplan pdf icon PDF 367 KB


This matter is the responsibility of Executive Councillor Mike Rigby (Economic Regeneration, Planning and Transportation).


Report Author: Graeme Thompson, Principal Planning Policy Officer.


Appendix A  - Draft Masterplan.



Additional documents:


Cllr Rigby introduced the report which was a consultation document and not a planning application. It provides an overview of the plans, centred around a mixed-use residential scheme and multi-purpose venue including a cinema and bowling alley.


Comments from the Committee included: -


·       It was asked whether there would be consultation undertaken with the existing businesses already in Station Road? There would be an online consultation set up, as well as drop-in sessions for views to be shared. It was recognised that a large part of the consultation work would be around relationship building.

·       The timescales around delivery were very tight – is this likely to be achieved? It will be delivered in phases, and some work such as the drainage has already started. Most of the future work will be taken forward by the new Somerset Council.


The Committee moved to note the recommendations to the Executive.


Prop: Thwaites / Sec: Firmin        Unanimous


7.30pm         Cllr John Hassell, Joe Wharton and Tim Bacon left the meeting.