Meeting documents

TDBC Full Council
Tuesday, 11th December, 2018 6.30 pm

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a)    Councillor John Williams – Leader of the Council;

b)    Councillor Vivienne Stock-Williams – Sports, Parks and Leisure

c)    Councillor Andrew Sully – Corporate Resources

d)    Councillor Jane Warmington -  Community Leadership

e)    Councillor Terry Beale – Housing Services

f)     Councillor Patrick Berry – Environmental Services and Climate Change

g)    Councillor Mark Edwards – Economic Development, Asset Management, Arts and Culture, Tourism and Communications;

h)    Councillor Richard Parrish – Planning Policy and Transportation.


Leader of the Council (Councillor John Williams)


Councillor Williams’s report covered the following topics:-


·         Chief Executive Designate;

·         New Council;

·         New Chair - Taunton Strategic Advisory Board;

·         Proposed Dualling of the A358 – Progress;

·         Refurbishment of The Deane House;

·         Retail Relief – Guidance from the Government; and

·         Proposed Development of the Tangier Site, Taunton with 182 new homes.


Sport, Parks and Leisure (Councillor Mrs Vivienne Stock-Williams)


The report from Councillor Mrs Stock-Williams dealt with activities taking place in the following areas:-


·         Community Leisure – Play and Recreation; Play Equipment Repairs; Section 106 Funding for Play, Sport, Allotments and Community Halls; Capital Grant Scheme for Voluntary Village Halls, Sports Clubs and Allotments and the Parish Play Area Grant Scheme; Friends of Netherclay (Bishops Hull); Carols around the Bandstand, Vivary Park, Taunton; and Staffing;

·         GLL (Taunton Deane) – Community Sport and Health; and Facilities;

·         Leisure Procurement Project;

·         Parks and Open Spaces – Staffing; Grass Cutting; Winter Planting; Arboriculture; Langford Lakes Christmas Trees; Vivary Park, Taunton; Wellington Park; Comeytrowe Park; Somerset Wood; Swains Lane Nature Reserve, Wellington; and Abandoned Vehicles;

·         Property – Station Road Swimming Pool; Vivary Park Golf Course, Taunton; and Wellington Sports Centre.


Corporate Resources (Councillor Andrew Sully)     


The report from Councillor Sully provided information on the following areas within his portfolio:-


·         Corporate Performance;

·         Customer Services;

·         Facilities Management;

·         ICT/Technology;

·         Members Case Management;

·         Human Resources;

·         Finance;

·         Revenues and Benefits; and

·         The Mayoralty and Democratic Services


Community Leadership (Councillor Mrs Jane Warmington)


Councillor Mrs Warmington presented the Community Leadership report which focused on the following areas within that portfolio:-


·         Taunton Town Centre;

·         Street Wardens;

·         Rough Sleeping Reduction Plan Overview;

·         Streetwise Rough Sleepers Night Café;

·         Wood to commemorate the Fallen of World War One; and

·         Green Forum


Housing Services (Councillor Terry Beale)


Councillor Beale submitted his report which drew attention to the following:-


·         Deane Housing Development - Weavers Arms, Rockwell Green, Wellington; North Taunton; Oake; 12 Moorland Close, Taunton; Outer Circle, Taunton; Laxton Road, Taunton; Future Council Development Pipeline; Affordable Housing Completions; General Enabling; Large Scale Sites of Interest; and Other Sites of interest;

·         Deane Housing Repairs and Maintenance;

·         Welfare Reform - Universal Credit; and

·         Anti-Social Behaviour.


Environmental Services and Climate Change (Councillor Patrick Berry)


The report from Councillor Berry drew attention to developments in the following areas:-


·         Street Sweeping and Toilet Cleaning;

·         Somerset Waste Partnership;

·         Cemeteries and Crematorium (Update on projects; Crematorium Waiting Room Extension; and Resignation of the Crematorium Manager); and

·         Environmental Health – Health and Safety; Private Water Supplies; and Safety Advisory Group; and

·         Licensing.


Economic Development, Asset Management, Arts and Culture, Tourism and Communications (Councillor Mark Edwards)


The report from Councillor Edwards covered:-


·         Communications;

·         Events, Place, Retail Marketing and Visitor Centre – Events; Future Events; and Place Marketing;

·         Growth Strategy and Specific Projects – Coal Orchard Redevelopment, Taunton; The Brewhouse Development, Taunton; Firepool Development, Taunton; Firepool Land Assembly; and Firepool Section 106 Agreement; and

·         Asset Management Service Update – New Asset Management System; Leisure Procurement Facilities – Assets and Leases; Proposed Country Park (Near Nerrols Farm, Taunton); Annual Asset and Insurance Valuations; Landlord and Tenant Advice for Projects Managed by Development and Regeneration Teams; Income Recovery Efficiency Improvements; and Unauthorised Traveller Encampments.


Planning Policy and Transportation (Councillor Richard Parrish)


The report from Councillor Parrish provided information on the following areas within his portfolio:-


·         Tonedale Mill, Wellington;

·         Car Parks - Variable Message Signage and Car Park Pay on Foot;

·         Neighbourhood Plans;

·         Public Space Improvements – St James Street, Hammet Street and East Street;

·         Community Infrastructure Levy Update; and

·         Garden Town Plan – Borough-wide Design Guide; Arts and Culture Strategy; Housing Infrastructure Fund – Forward Fund; Employment, Retail and Leisure Study; and Strategic Flood Risk Assessment.


(Councillors Horsley and Govier left the meeting at 7.30 p.m. and 8.09 p.m. respectively.  Councillors Ms Durdan, Farbahi, Mrs Floyd, Hall, Henley, Hunt and Wedderkopp all left the meeting at 9 p.m.  Councillors Martin-Scott and Mrs Gunner left the meeting at 9.10 p.m. and 9.14 p.m. respectively.)

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